No matter who is doing the talking, gossip is very much like a wildfire. It is hard to contain and can consume a large number of people. The person who is the subject matter of gossip, bears all. They must endure the long looks of others who were swept up in the gossip. Those people who have decided it is much easier to propel negativity than to embrace the differences that make each person unique. Within the confines of the workplace, gossip disrupts morale and creates a chasm between employees that is completely not necessary. The only way to stop the wildfire of gossip is by not perpetuating it any further once it lands in your ear. This will not only stop the winds from carrying it any further, but it will also begin to extinguish those people who became engulfed in it. Without fuel of any kind, there will only be a few smoking embers left, and things will be restored.

Give more service than is required and it will be returned tenfold!