Now more than ever it is of the utmost importance to maintain a certain level of decorum when writing or responding on social media. While we all use this platform to be heard in one form or another, we must remember that everyone has access to everything we post.

About a month ago I was approached by a company who wanted to hire me as an outside sales manager. While I have been in sales in the past, this particular position did not really appeal to me.What really struck me was the fact that the person who was trying to recruit me, said that she had seen my profile and read my posts on LinkedIn. I did not even realize she was on LinkedIn. she even went further to let me know she had checked out my blog as well as my facebook page.

Knowing she had taken the time to look at all of these things made it even more difficult for me to find the right words to turn down her offer. I took my time thinking about what I wanted to say. Then I e-mailed her with the following response. ” Dear…. I want to thank you for the opportunity you have offered to me. However, at this time it does not fit into the scope of what I am doing or the direction I am headed into.”

After sending the message, I was hesitant in checking her response. Finally, I could no longer ignore the number 1 sitting next to the message icon on my LinkedIn account. I clicked on the message and she responded by THANKING me for being so polite in my response. It seems as though she had received some other responses that were less than flattering.

We all have to remember that unlike the spoken word whatever we post online can always be found. By using a more diplomatic approach to unsolicited offers, we could gain a new audience as well as unforeseen opportunities!