shadows of peopleAnyone can be a role model. In fact the best role models are not those found in the latest magazines. They are the people who live BORING lives. A person who is a great role model is one who has found contentment within their lives and value in who they are as well as what they have to give to others. They have a job that pays the bills but does not define who they are. For they possess qualities that allow them to be true to their souls. A true role model has the ability to see the potential in young people even if it is not within their area of expertise. Recognizing such talent only requires guidance in the right direction.

Parents make the best role models of all. Their children look up to them no matter how much resistance they may offer. The solution to this resistance lies in the ability to show our children the possibilities at their disposal. Whether they take on the challenge is up to them. But for those children who do take on the challenge, an endless supply of opportunities will present themselves.

Guide, knowing it is a wide wing the children are under. Speak only in a way that is of benefit to the children. Act , in a way that shows them that their success is all about their dreams coming true!

Resistance can be overcome, quitting cannot. Be the guide who shines light on the dreams of other’s!