In the wake of a shooter’s rampage lie a host of questions.What was this young man’s problem? Why did he make a video? Why did those who were close to him not intervene? Lastly, what are we going to do moving forward to arm ourselves against more of these types of attacks?

According to the latest news reports the shooter was a 22 year old male troubled by his lack of a love life. At 22 he had never been kissed nor had a date and he had allowed this to become the focal point of his short life.Unfortunately, he blamed the world around him for his problems. His view was the world was against him instead of for him.

He posted a video on You Tube the day before the shootings. He gave us a warning that the world was going to pay for all that pain he felt. This is actually how most people who want help do things. They create an opportunity for the rest of to get a glimpse of the pain they are in before they take action. His family members had actually contacted authorities several weeks ago after viewing other video’s this young man had made.

Whether or not we agree with this view is unimportant. For now we stand in the aftermath of his anger. What matters most right now is what action or inaction we take moving forward.It really is not any consolation that he acquired all of his fire arms legally. In fact I have a strong suspicion that alone will dredge up the ongoing argument for stronger gun control.

Somehow we all need to become better armed in this country. We can learn to protect ourselves by taking action in these types of situations. Our greatest strengths are in our ability to be advocates. If not for ourselves then for those who might be in jeopardy of not only injuring themselves but others as well.

Finally, maybe our authorities should begin to listen more attentively when we are trying to tell them we see something that could go terribly wrong. Maybe this will be the catalyst for a new way of doing things. It could be similar t0 the creation of the Amber Alert system!