At this time of year we all are scurrying around to buy gifts for those who we hold close and near to our hearts. Then the day after Christmas is over the store are loaded with people returning items they have decided they do not want. The reasons for returning these unwanted gifts vary from the wrong size,color, or just inappropriate for the person who received it.

For those who are really in need of a helping hand there are no returns. For they have not received anything. They do not receive because they have learned not to ask for things that are out of their realm. Finding the people who would benefit from that dreaded bright pink glittery sweater from Aunt Sue is a daunting task. It must be undertaken like a covert mission from a CIA operative. Because above everything else most people do not like admitting they are doing without.

If those of us who are in a position to be of service just listen carefully throughout the year to people around us, we will figure out who really needs a helping hand. There is no need to start a pantry for folks.This sort of setup only makes people feel worse about their circumstances. All you have to do is help one family at a time.If you find out about more than one family enlist the help of friends or family that can aid you in your worthy cause.

If all of us could just reach out to one family at a time, there would not be any children without toys or families without food for the holidays!