Born on April 23,1856 in Columbus,Ohio, Granville T. Woods, was the son of freed black parents. He was able to attend school until he was about ten years old. In his teenage years, he held a wide variety of jobs related to the railroad.

He recognized that engineering and electricity were going to be at the forefront of the future, he enrolled in classes to study both of these subjects. His most important invention was the “induction telegraph”. It was also known as the block system and was invented in 1887.

The significance of this device was that it allowed men to communicate over telegraph wires. This had two important effects on the railroad system; 1) it improved the speed of important communications and 2) helped prevent train accidents.

Mr Woods was sued by Mr Edison who challenged his patent. But Mr Woods won and subsequently declined Mr Edison’s offer to make him a partner in his firm. This his how he became to be known as the “Black Edison”.

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