Do you in earnest celebrate the success of others? Or are you secretly wishing it were you being successful instead of them? If you are harboring resentment in any way shape or form it will prevent what you really want from coming to you. One of the most productive ways of eliminating resentment from your resume is to become a student. Learn from other’s success and adapt some part of it to make it your own. Look at people from a different perspective and you will find all that jealousy will disappear as fast as a rain shower on a clear and sunny day. Once those negative feelings are gone, you will open the gates to possibilities. Your focus will shift from what they are doing into what you can do for yourself. Once you begin to improve yourself you will not have any time to criticize others. That is a much more constructive way of spending your time isn’t it?

Give more service than is required and it will be returned to you tenfold!