I am for the most part a flower gal when it comes time for planting things outdoors. Growing up my mother was famous for her huge vegetable garden. It would take up the entire back yard. She always enjoyed going out there to see what was growing. As a typical kid , vegetables did not excite me at all. I could have cared less if the zucchini were all male plants one year and did not produce any as a result.

I wanted then and in the many years that followed, flowers that would last the entire summer season.When my kids were little we used to go to Kane’s Flower World in Danvers. There we would walk the entire greenhouse and select the best Impatients’s, Petunias and Marigolds we could find.The impatients were for me, the petunias were my daughters and my son loved the marigolds. Each summer the three of us would go outside fully attired in sunglasses and gardening gloves. It was important to me that my children understand the importance of planting things.

Each year the kids would watch their plants get bigger and bigger as the summer came to a close.As they got older and became occupied with their friends and outside interests , I was left to my own devices. I began going to the flower shop all by myself. I did not really mind at all. I would pick out the flowers I wanted to plant and enjoy the summers watering and watching them grow.

This past summer was spent in a whirlwind. My son graduated high school and was preparing to go away to college. This brought an entire new sense of freedom for m. He was no longer the small child who required adult supervision 24/7. He can cook and clean for himself. I taught him myself. He even does his own laundry. Before i knew what was happening the entire month of July had passed by.

I had for the first time in a long time missed planting season. As I looked around my yard I realized that the only thing that was reproducing were the dandelions. I noticed this one day as I was leaving for work and the wind was carrying their seeds to unknown destinations. It is time for me to change my planting strategy for the next summer I will face.

I would like to be in control of where the seeds I harbor get planted. But for that I will have to leave the whirlwind of activity behind. This way I can plant more than just dandelion seeds.