Within every successful person there is the thought “Why Not Me?”.It is this kind of thinking that opens the window to what is possible. It ALLOWS for what is within to be manifested into reality. To take what is in thought and transform it into a viable thing.

Quite honestly there are people doing this very thing every single day. They are for the most part what you would refer to as ordinary folks. The people you work next to at the office,share the subway with or stand in line with at your favorite coffee shop in the morning. Now you may be thinking that getting a cup of coffee is not that big of a deal. I mean after all, you have to have your caffeine first thing in the morning right? However,consider this, if you did not open your mind to think that you can have that cup of coffee, you would not get into the line.

You might think a cup of coffee is not a great example of manifesting. But this is a perfect way to begin the process of thinking “Why Not Me?” Thinking about what you want can begin with the smallest items in your life. But do not let it stop there. Expand on it by creating circumstances that will be beneficial to you in every area of your life. It is amazing when you begin this process what can happen.

A couple of years ago, I was thinking about speaking publicly to inspire other women. At the time the thought of getting in front of a group of people to speak made me sick to my stomach. Until one day, I started watching some professional speakers on you tube. It took a while watching these seasoned professionals. But one day I was watching one of them and the thought “Why Not Me?” came into my mind. I thought I can do this.

Two years have passed by and now I am speaking to different groups all the time. I manifested ,(discovered) a way to make it happen. When will you say to yourself “Why Not Me?