bicycle riding

There comes a time in childhood when riding a bike is a rite of passage. Children outgrow the tricycle and are ready for the increased challenge that two wheels will provide. It is a fairly simple process although it does take time. The child sits on the seat of the bike with his/her feet on the pedals. The parent has their hands on the seat to provide stability , until the child can balance on their own.

At some point in the lessons the child is not only pedaling themselves, they are also able to balance on two wheels as they careen forward. It is a great day when the parent can let go of the seat and just watch their child ride all on their own. Unfortunately, parents these days seem to be holding onto the back of the seat far too long.

All too often I hear parents saying they are still taking care of their grown children. These millenials are living at home. They do not have any bills nor do they contribute in any way at all. Parents are fatigued by all that they are doing for their grown offspring. Yet they continue to do their laundry, grocery shopping and cooking. All the while watching these grown adults take up valuable space and resources the parents could be using to enjoy themselves.

I ask them why they are continuing to do these things. The answer is amazing! Some say ” Who else is going to help him/her.?” In essence these parents are still holding the back seat of the bicycle. The only difference is that the children have STOPPED pedaling. they do not have to pedal because they KNOW the parents will never let them fall. The parents never let go because they KNOW the child cannot sustain themselves in a healthy balance,

The truth is that if the child falls enough times, eventually they will figure out how to ride the bike! The same is true in life. If someone has absolutely no reason to look for a job, cook their own food or do housework, why would they? Unless of course when they have no choice in the matter! Maybe it is time to let the children fall off the bike and learn for themselves how to balance? It is amazing what can happen without a safety net!