It is that time of year when most people begin to reflect on what they would like to do moving into a new year.For some folks it will be a simple list of the usual items: losing weight,quit smoking, join a gym. The list could actually be endless.There are many things most of us could place on our lists. But making the list is only the beginning of the process we know as CHANGE.

Putting that list into action requires a LEAP that could make a person feel as though they are free falling so to speak. Doing things differently can bring about some side effects that can quickly bring that leap to a STANDSTILL. It is common to experience feelings of anxiousness surrounding the new task that is to be undertaken. These feelings quite often are what become the block to actually taking that list and putting it into action.

When approaching something new or different a great strategy is to think about what you have to LOSE. Which is more than likely NOTHING! Your life will go on the same way it always has if you do nothing. On the other side of the coin, doing something from that list you made might just enable you to look at your life from a new angle.

Take that LEAP ! You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain!