In the fall of 2007 I sat across from the woman who would help me through my divorce.Every Tuesday morning at 10 am I would arrive in Salem for our hour long session. I did not tell this woman that I was in the middle of dealing with breast cancer as well. It seemed as though just dealing with the particulars of my divorce was enough of a discussion.

We had been meeting for about six months when she told me I should start writing a book.At the time I could not even comprehend putting together a grocery list, never mind a book. She was not really infusing me with any kind of motivation at all. I had grown tired of talking about my ex-husband. And I wanted to move onto the part where I began to heal.

I had purchased just about every book on the market, that had to do with the power of positive thinking. But it seemed as though no one was addressing the issue the same way I was looking at it. Then one day I was on Facebook and realized I could write things on there.My writing began with a daily quote. Before i knew it I was posting messages on Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn.

Everyday, I was spending two to three hours coming up with witty quotes and placing them online. It was okay but it did not really feed my purpose. that purpose is to connect with other people to let them know HOW i made it through difficult times. And to inspire them in the belief that they can too! I eventually purchased my blog through wordpress and connected to my social media. This alleviated those two to three hours I was spending. It also gave me more creative control over my content.

These days I write several blogs. I have gone from not being able to compose a grocery list, to having so many ideas I am bursting at the seems! It is truly amazing the transformation that occurs when you tap into your purpose. More than you ever thought appears from seemingly thin air!