live your dream

Each one of us is responsible for our own happiness. This may sound simplistic. Yet, far too often we can get caught up in trying to make or keep other people happy. I am not taking about just sharing a cup of coffee or buying a gift here or there. what I am referring to here is the complete satisfaction of another person.

These are the folks who are constantly complaining about their station in life. Maybe they feel as though they should be farther along than they are. Instead of taking some action and responsibility for their future, they blame YOU for what they have not achieved. Somehow they have gotten the idea that if you had given them MORE.

What they do not realize is that THEY will at some point have to become responsible for their own happiness. True happiness is found in the form of contentment or inner peace. It is that sense of completeness you feel when you know that you are flowing in the right direction. Free from regret or self deprecation. These are not things that you can pass on to someone else. They must be achieved individually through the experiences that comprise our lives.

Some people feel as though they can take a shortcut to happiness. They might try to find satisfaction in acquiring things. By having more material things than others they think this will make them happy. But the truth is that until they look within and come to terms with who they are, they will never be truly happy. They may never look within to find this place. And that will be what prevents them from ever being truly happy.

The best thing to do, is to remove yourself from their parameters. Remain at a safe distance from them. That way they will have to find someone else to blame.Eventually, they will run out of people to point their finger at. At that point , they will be forced to either change or remain alone. Whatever THEY decide, YOU can rest assured that you made the right choice.

Go on and enjoy your life. they way it was meant to be. Do not let anyone get in the way or hold you back from pursuing the things you want to do. Instead of trying to make other people happy, associate with those who are already happy within themselves!