the question

Have you ever been going somewhere and needed directions? You probably answered no that question. I mean who really does that anymore. Every IPhone and Android comes with a GPS APP. And new automobiles come equipped with built in GPS. But there are still times in our lives when we all need answers.

The real trick to getting the answer you seek is in ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTION. A coupe of years ago my son came home from school one day. He told me that he was playing a new instrument called the Bassoon.This was nothing really new. It seemed as tough very time I turned around he was bringing a different instrument home.But as it turned out this time would be very different.

He had been playing the Bassoon for about six months when the spring Chamber concert at his school was coming up. At that concert he played a solo with this new instrument. I had made a video of him playing with my IPHONE. After the concert I was speaking with one of the music teachers. He said that my son would benefit from private lessons. He felt very sure that my son Ed would be able to take things to the District level .

The teacher had given Ed the name and number of a teacher that was not too far from our home. Ed was determined to handle this situation. He told me that I did not know anything about playing the Bassoon. He was right about that, As a matter of fact I had no idea what a Bassoon looked like until he began playing it. Time was moving on and Ed was not getting anywhere in making contact with the Bassoon teacher.

Finally one day, I took matters into my own hands. (Sometimes you have to do this.) I went on the website for the Boston Symphony Orchestra. There I contacted the principal Bassonist via email. In the e-mail I explained my situation. I told him that I was in search of private lessons for Ed. Then I asked him if he could refer me to someone who had time to give ED his lessons.

A couple of weeks went by and I was beginning to feel as though this guy would never get back to me. Then when I least expected it I saw a response in my inbox. He gave me three referrals in answer to my request. I contacted all three of them and included a video from that Chamber concert. When Ed began taking his lessons his teacher already had a sense of where Ed was at musically.

Imagine how shocked my son was when he discovered that his bassoon teacher plays with the Boston Ballet, The Boston Pops and is a professor of music at Boston University. He was stunned that I managed to find him such a qualified person for his instruction. Quite frankly so was I. Six months later Ed was sitting 1st chair Bassoon at District Orchestra!

All of this from just asking the right question!!