Your Most Important Conversation


Is the one that takes place within yourself. Your thoughts are your guidance system upon which your actions are

dictated. It is a truly amazing thing how we can all be controlled in this way. This inner conversation is what can

transform a life from ordinary to extraordinary.

I am not necessarily talking about rags to riches here. However, that could definitely be a possible outcome. But

the transition from self doubt into belief can be a long road for a lot of people. You see most people think that it

will take a MAJOR shift in their lives to create a difference. When in fact the opposite is true. It is the SMALL changes

that have the most long lasting results.

Self doubt is not limited to young people. It is also rampant among adults as well. Consider someone who has been

in a career for 20 years. They may have been educated at a certain level. Then as the years went by the requirements

of their job have changed. In order to maintain their position or get another job at the same level they have to go

back to school for an additional degree.

The challenge for them comes in the form of believing that after so many years they CAN go BACK to school ! In

addition to working full-time they will have to attend classes at night and study. Just the thought of this entire

process is enough to create a very negative inner conversation.

Yet, as the conversation is going on time is going by. It becomes a stumbling block to success. It only takes ONE class

to make a start towards the degree. With each class they take the goal gets closer. And with each step the inner

dialogue changes. Self-doubt is slowly replaced with the idea that the goal can and will be reached.

Another obstacle in achieving self confidence are our outside influences. The people who try to tell us that we cannot

make it. They use their words to fill us with self doubt. The reason they do this is not because they think we CANNOT

make it. In fact the opposite is true. What they are witnessing is someone who has potential. Someone who can do great


It is their FEAR that they want to spread. But we have the power to STOP that from entering our everyday thoughts. By

focusing on where we are going, we can prevent negative thoughts. Our inner conversation will then contain a more

positive tone.

Remember, the only person you can control is yourself. The only person you can change is yourself. By working on

improving yourself you will not have any time to listen to anyone else's negativity!!

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