There is something special about the aftermath of a storm. Last night the Boston area experienced blizzard like conditions. There was a statewide warning for all people to stay off of the roads. Unless of course it was essential personnel. I watched from my living room window as the snow was being whipped around as though it were in a blender.

By eight o’clock last night the only cars on the road were either plows or police. Nature’s music was the howling wind. As I watched the continued frenzy of the storm, I became grateful for being in a warm dry place. I often think of those who have no place to call home when the weather becomes inclement. It would be so easy to get lost in the whirlwind that mother nature unleashed.

The contrast of that blizzard was the calm that I awoke to. With the silence of the morning, and only the snow crunching under my boots, I went outside. The paths and roads of my complex had been cleared. All I had to do was release my car from the snow prison it was in. There is a silence after a winter storm that cannot be matched at any other time of year. The air is cool and crisp. There is a stillness that denies any specie from exercising their voice.

The smoothness of snow not yet spoiled by footprints, appears sacred in some respects. As though it were placed there for the sole purpose to be viewed but not disturbed. It appears as a blanket if you will. Yet in some spots( not too many) there can still be seen a sprig of grass.

It is in these times I realize that some of the most volatile moments of my life had an aftermath of equal proportions. Fights and words spoke in anger that led to situations that became uncontrollable. Relationships were broken in the heat of the battle. Words were flying all over the place just like the snow last night.

When I realized that the situation was over, there before my eyes was a calm I never could have anticipated. I was still intact, whole through all the vicious words used against me. I looked out the window to a new day. My car was still in the same spot I left it in. My things were still where I had left them. The only thing I had to do was release myself from the prison of someone else’s opinion of me.

It would take time but I could do it. Prayer,meditation and support brought me to a new understanding of MY TRUTH. That was my blanket after the storm. It would keep me grounded and safe. You can do the same through the storms of your life as well. Stay safe while you are in the midst of the blizzard. And try to realize that the aftermath will bring peace and a new understanding of self!