is hard to do on a daily basis. How many mornings do you get up and appreciate that old car you are driving? Especially when the car requires three tries before it starts. Most people I know in those circumstances are NOT appreciative of that! It is difficult at best to realize how blessed you are for having something that is not working properly. It is far easier to appreciate the new things we have our eyes on for the future.

The truth is that until you can truly appreciate what you have, you cannot bring anymore into your existence. Now this does not refer to material things. Of course you can always accumulate more of that. In fact that is why there are so many self storage places around. What I am talking about are the talents and gifts that you possess within yourself. You HAVE to become appreciative of what you CAN do.Without that self love you cannot move forward.

You will languish forever in a sea of self doubt. A place that constantly contradicts every positive thought you might have.It is far better to spend your time appreciating something about yourself. Maybe you bake the best Sweet Potato Pie this side of the Mason Dixie Line. You might consider entering a baking contest. Do not concern yourself with thoughts of someone else duplicating your idea. That might just happen.But THEY do not have YOUR recipe for that pie!

I remember when I was a teenager I did not have a lot of money.My mother’s birthday was always the same weekend as Mother’s Day. It was a double whammy! I could barely afford to get her a card let alone take her out for dinner. But there was a part of me that was intensely grateful for everything she had done for myself and my brother.The year I turned sixteen was the year my mother allowed me to cook in the kitchen unattended.

That year when her birthday came around I busied myself with finding recipes for a nice meal for her. i knew taking her to a restaurant was way out of my league financially. I saved up what I could from my part time job. Then I selected the recipes I was going to use. I went grocery shopping all by myself. I started early in the morning with the preparations. I began with the homemade chocolate mousse. It required a lot of time.

I know it was not the BEST meal my mother had ever had, but she acted as if it were. It was a success because I appreciated the talents I already had. By putting them into action I created a nice memory for her birthday. You can do the same in your life as well. Appreciate all of the little things you have. Independently they may not appear to be that significant. But put them all together and I guarantee you have more … much more than you had anticipated!