There are times when we all have been held back. If not by virtue of our own fears then by circumstances or people that have sought to control our every move. In these moments it is hard to recognize that we still have choices.

I recently took on a new client who has allowed me to tell her story. I will call her June. She is a young woman who was formerly a recruiter. She was one of their top performers but got burnt out. The company she worked for only paid her commissions based on the people she placed. Every month they would increase the amount she had to produce. Eventually, the pressure just became too much for her to handle. She was bringing in more business than ever and her commissions were getting smaller as the company tried to increase its profit margin.

About three months ago June left her position as a recruiter even though it is her passion. Most recently she is in a temp to perm position as an administrative assistant. Although she is an outstanding assistant, she is bored stiff. One day her manager asked what her long term goals are. June told her the truth. She said that it was her ultimate goal to get back into recruiting staff. June had been already eyeballing the available positions in that area of her new company. June told her manager that she would stay in her current role for at least six months. The company she is working for only allows employees to change jobs every six months.

To her surprise her boss is trying to keep her in the department she is in. She told June that the other departments are not as stable as the one she is currently in. June’s boss also told her that “she” needed June to stay in the department. that June moving on would be a “loss” for her. In this situation June feels torn between what she needs and the needs of her boss.

This is nothing really that uncommon in practice. For a lot of people who are in charge of departments do not want to lose their best employees. But their needs cannot and should not control our own innate desires and goals. If June remains in her position for the long term she will be fulfilling the goals of her boss. She needs to stay focused on her goals and maintain her people skills. This is hard to do when you are working strictly with spreadsheets and power point presentations on a daily basis.

June has decided to remain working in her current department and remain focused on her goal of going back into recruiting when the opportunity presents itself. She will do this by attending networking events before and after work hours. It will take a lot of work, but she is determined to live her dreams!

What is holding you back from what you want to do? Can you decide to commit to making your goals come true no matter who or what gets in your way? Make a commitment today to make your dreams and goals come true no matter what!