are you holding your own

The newspapers tell us that the job outlook is good. However there are still thousands of people who are unable to become employed.In this kind of climate it can be difficult, if not downright impossible to hold your own. Physically, being unemployed can wreak havoc on your body. The stress of worrying over things whether real or implied can effect your blood pressure and mood swings. Mentally, people begin to question themselves and their ability to be successful. And spiritually, it can cause questions to arise surrounding one’s own beliefs.

With all of this in people’s heads, holding onto what is already in place then becomes a work all unto itself.This can be done with some work. Figuring out what is needed to maintain the current position has to be priority number one. This may mean asking for assistance. Something that for many people is not in the scope of reasoning. Due to their pride they may feel as though they will either not qualify or it is beneath them.

The reality is that without asking the question, there is no answer. The only thing that happens is merely conjecture. One’s thoughts are not enough to produce concrete results. With purposeful action and follow through, I have been witness to miracles. People who thought they might lose everything, have taken a chance by making a five minute phone call and asking the right questions. They were beyond surprised and elation over the results of their actions.

Problems that seemed insurmountable became within reach in mere minutes.The importance of all of this is that we all need to live in a fairly stress free environment. I say fairly because there will always be some stress. However, when things settle down and the stress has been reduced this is when new goals can come to light.

Holding on is more than merely maintaining a position. It is the gateway to opportunities and goals. How are you holding on?