When I talk to people about opportunity, they often think it means having the video that goes viral or the idea that will get them immediate global notoriety. And when they realize this probably will not be the case they shrug their shoulders and figure there is no point in bothering.

But the truth is most opportunity that is presented to us we ignore because we feel as though it won’t work out. Our concern over how to fit this new thing into our schedules can become so overwhelming that we never take advantage of it. Just recently I had a conversation with a woman who was at the park with her daughter and some other mother’s she had grown friendly with. One of the mother’s owns a day care facility. Knowing that the woman I was speaking to is excellent with small children, she offered her a position with her.

The woman I was speaking with , became so overwhelmed with trying to figure out how this opportunity would fit into her life she was ready to pass it up. She did not see it as an opportunity when in fact it is one. She was convinced the going back to school even though she had no idea what she was going back for was the thing to do. My advice is this: Do not worry how it will fit into your lifestyle. If it what you want to do and you have a passion for it, then all the pieces will come together.

Do not waste yet another day or moment ignoring opportunity when it presents itself. Take action and accept what is being offered , you just never where it might lead!