We all hear and read about living in abundance. It can quite frankly mean very different things for people. For some folks it means living the best they can with what they already have. But living abundantly encompasses much more than that.

It is the ability to use everything that is within you to live the life you were meant to live. The recognition of our specific gifts accompanied by the willingness to use those gifts, is what equals personal or professional success. What seems like simple actions can bring about opportunities we could not have envisioned. What is it that you are passionate about?

A fourth grade boy comes home and asks his mother to play the clarinet. He says “Mom? My friend James is going to play the clarinet and I want to play too.” The mother signs the payment agreement and gets her son the clarinet and the first lesson book. Six months later, at his first concert she meets his clarinet teacher who greets her as though she was the queen of a country. He then informs her that her son and James have nearly completed the beginners lesson book. This something that the music teacher has ever had happened in his 15 years of teaching music.

In high school the young man expands his musical capabilities. Freshman year he plays the clarinet, the double bass and three different saxophones. By his junior year he becomes the drum major of his high school band and earns himself a place on the teen council of a prestigious philharmonic orchestra.

All of these things happened as a result of taking advantage of every opportunity that came his way. The story remains unfinished for now as his future awaits !

What is waiting for you?