bad habits

This is the time of year that bad habits can come back to haunt us. Some people have severe depression as the holidays approach. They find themselves overwhelmed with emotion over the people, places or things that they miss. Watching other’s enjoying family and friends can increase the intensity of these negative thoughts.

With this type of mindset it is all too easy to allow old habits back into our lives. The excuse usually given is that our nerves got the best of us. I know a woman who has it all. If you saw her walking down the street you would think she had the world eating out of her hands. But that is just a facade. Beneath that shiny exterior lies someone filled with turmoil and tormented thoughts. These thoughts have such a stronghold on her that after five years of not smoking, she has once again taken up the habit. according to her it helps to calm her down. She spends most of her time in the company of people. When she is alone she has a difficult time keeping her thoughts off of what she once had.

Her focus on what she is LACKING will forever keep her a slave to her smoking habit. This is not that unusual really. All too often we rely on crutches that will break us instead of supporting the weight we are trying to bear. Most of us understand that smoking has hazardous and sometimes fatal consequences. Not to mention the aroma leaves quite a bit to be desired.

Instead of focusing on what she has lost, my suggestion to her was to live in honor of those who were once here. It is a better way to approach the entire situation. When you honor those who used to be with you, the approach is coming from a point of abundance. You were fortunate enough to have had those people in your life. What you received from them, emotionally should have filled you up. Therefore you can withdraw a little bit from the reservoir when life hits a rough patch.

Abusing your body will damage not only your body but also your image. Bad habits make people appear weak, unsteady and inconsistent. Even if they are committed to the bad habit.

We all have had losses along the path we are taking. Picking up those old bad habits or even new ones will never be the answer to solving problems. They only create new problems. Celebrate the holidays honoring those who were in the past while celebrating those in your present and future!!