Not everyone who has a desire to lead will actually be ready when they are called to service. Taking the lead requires education and a willingness to change your viewpoint. Only those who are willing to invest their time and can handle criticism along the way have the actual stuff that it takes to become a leader. Many leaders have given up social opportunities in order to achieve a goal.

A willingness to place your own ambitions aside for the sake of the group is paramount. Also, the ability to see each member as individuals and deal with them as such. Leaders also know how to work different personalities in order to achieve optimum results. They are not afraid to step out in front of everyone else and set the example others must follow.

Sometimes leadership skills are formed early in life. Other times it may take a lifetime for a person to embrace those skills. If you find yourself being the person at work who ends up giving direction to your peers, you have leadership skills. Whether you embrace them or not that ability sets you apart from all the rest. It is something they already know. thy may refer to you as a “know it all”. Or they may say things like” who does he/she think she is telling me what to do?” But if they were doing what they needed to do they would not require direction.

The ability to see what it will take for everyone to be a cohesive unit is what leadership is all about!

Do not be afraid to step out and lead!