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Even the most polished dancer may be subject to undermining their own success. The key components are the same culprits that prevent anyone from realizing their true potential. Resistance in this scenario comes from a variety of emotions and feelings. Some of them are generated from a place of insecurity. Not everyone who is blessed with an enormous amount of talent, sees themselves the same way the world does.

It is not unusual for these talented people to question their abilities in comparison to what others are doing. Instead of focusing on their strengths they get caught up in what they THINK are their weaknesses. Maybe they cannot do a full tumbling pass like their dance mates, or they are unable to turn a pirouette in toe shoes. Whatever it is, these thoughts can be the undoing of someone with an enormous amount of potential.

In order for them to arrive at their destiny, they require the continued support and occasional PUSH from a variety of sources. It is the only way they will begin to understand the far reaching impact they can have on other people. If their true talent does not lie in the actual performance, there are plenty of other ways to still participate. IMG_4382 (2)

Teaching is one way of staying in the game. But it requires just the right kind of person. That person must have an immense amount of patience, drive and vision. Yes it takes all three to be able to direct another person towards their future. It takes even more than that to take someone who sees themselves as average and show them that they are much more than that.

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When that happens,everyone involved is realizing their potential. The teacher is accomplishing things that her former dance mates cannot achieve with a tumbling pass. She is creating success in others using her natural ability for being flexible. That is what is takes to reach the winner’s podium at competition. This is what it takes to overcome resisting your own success!!

Through our service to others comes an understanding of our own gifts. When you give more than you expect to get in return the universe will respond one hundred fold!