Every January I watch as the numbers of people at the gym increase dramatically. Those of us that workout at the same time most days are overtaken by new members. They come in with questions about the treadmills and elliptical machines. They are ready to take on the solutions they committed to do.

Initially they attack their workouts with a no pain no gain mentality. They come everyday and sweat until they can wring out their shirts. Right around the second week in February, their numbers begin to dwindle. One woman told me she was “tired” of coming day after day. She claimed it was too hard. While another lady said she could not handle the weights.

One thing I noticed in each instance was their inability to hang in for the long haul. Working out and seeing the results takes time. It requires the ability to manage both the workout and what is being consumed for nutrients throughout the day. The strength needed to attain the results desired comes not from the physical ability to lift weights and spend time in cardio exercises. It comes from a mentality that speaks to each person saying”I will make this happen”.

A few years ago, there was a woman who joined the gym. She and I would exchange a friendly hello. After a few months I noticed that she was dropping weight and looking really fantastic. She was never going to be a small woman by any stretch. I think she ended up in a very fit size 12. But the amazing thing she did was to encourage another older woman who had just begun to workout and was beginning to consider quitting. Her words still ring in my ears. She said, “Look, I have been coming here for two years. When I started I was so out of shape I could only stay on the treadmill five minutes at a time. I would get up every morning and ask myself, What am I doing this for? But I just kept coming. I had days when I could only hold three pound weight. But I kept coming .”

The woman she was talking to took her advice and just kept coming to the gym. Eventually she reached her goal. One day in the locker room, she tapped the other woman on the shoulder and thanked her for her story. She said that was what kept her coming back day after day! She drew on a strength she did not even know she possessed to achieve results she could not have imagined!

What goals can you achieve with a similar mentality that says I am strong enough to see this through?