For many people, working a job that pays just enough to get by with nothing left to get ahead, has become their normal. But how do you get past that point? To a place that will take you to have a little extra? It takes work! I know are you are thinking…you have enough of that already! The work I am talking about is maintaining a positive mindset even when things seem they cannot get any worse. If you are in a position where you feel under utilized then it may be time to move on. Begin the process by considering the very traits that make you stand out where you are today. Are you better than most with balancing the company ledger? Do you bring in the most sales out of the sales force? Do you have the ability to talk to anyone and make them feel good about themselves? Whatever it is that makes you stand out from everyone else is the very thing that will take you wherever it is you desire to go. Start doing small things to improve on what you are already good at.

Remember, this is not the subject of conversation for your current workplace. There was a son by the O’Jays called “The Backstabbers”. They are everywhere! Thumbnail