Twenty eight days seems hardly enough to capture all of the contributions and achievements of Blacks in America.

It was 396 years ago that the first ship carrying Africans reached the shore of Jamestown Virginia. This event brought about a new economy for those living in Jamestown. With free labor,those who owned plantations began to reap financial rewards they would never have achieved otherwise.

But slavery brought a people who were strong in stature and in heart to a country where they were chattel. These were no ordinary beings as their new owners were soon to discover. Whippings and extreme torture were not enough to discourage them from keeping hope alive. In the fields picking their owners cotton until their backs were nearly broken and sore, they would sing songs of faith and hope.

This hope is what gave way to some of the greatest inventions of all time. It also was the catalyst for change. It was this faith that empowered Martin Luther King Jr., to challenge a society that was determined to prevent the Black Vote and integration.

Through the stories I have shared this past month I hope you were able to get a sense of what these innovators were up against. These were no ordinary times they lived in. They faced a new form of discrimination for every step forward they thought they were getting. It has been a longer road than that of Selma to Montgomery. And what I know is that we have a ways further to go.

There are new innovators out there right now creating a new history as we evolve with technology. Maybe next year I will write about those who are blazing new trails. Those among us who have taken on the challenge of contributing of their talents. This will include the field of medicine, entertainment and technology. Until then, I challenge each of you reading this post to read at least one book or watch one video online and educate yourself about Black History! There si more to it than you learned in school!!