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Finding the place that will allow self reflection can be a tricky thing. Doing that will allow us to place distance between what surrounds us every day and what we need to focus on. Clarity of persons,places and things come from a mind that is free from worry and stress. Even if it only can be for a few short minutes each day. Whether the time is spent in silent refection,meditation or prayer it does not matter. Releasing all energy used on worry to achieve an inner calm is what is beneficial for YOU!

Put down the cell phone,turn off the television and the computer. In the place you need to be in order to gain some focus on your situation, there is no room for other distractions. Once you begin doing this at least once a day, you will feel the difference. It will help you slow down the roller coaster you feel you are on. When you are done you then can decide who best deserves your attention!

Remember to always be genuinely you.. and offer more service than is required and it will be returned to you tenfold.