It is a common malady to spend the bulk of our time trying to find the culprit of a situation gone bad. Everything that surrounds us on a daily basis is formatted the same way. Our news casts are laden with who-dun-its, and our entertainment is heavily saturated with it as well.

However, once the perpetrator has been identified and held accountable for their actions, that is the end of that particular story.Much is the same in our everyday lives whether at work or in our own personal settings. When something goes wrong we identify the problem find out who was responsible and that is pretty much the end of it.

Solutions seem to be at the very bottom of our priority list. And when we attempt to find some, our opposition can and often does cause a stalemate. This leads us ultimately back to where this all began.

Finding creative solutions to our problems both in the workplace at at home can happen. But we need to begin by keeping our fingers down while the person responsible for the problem is found. By doing this we can keep an open mind for possible solutions without allowing our emotions to take over our better judgement.

Photo: Dreamstime