In the field of science there are quite a few notable black contributors. Today I would like to focus on Mr. Otis Boykin. Mr Boykin was born on August 29,1920 in Dallas,Tx. A graduate of Fiske College in Nashville,Tennessee , Otis went on to find employment with the Majestic Radio and TV Corporation in Chicago,Illinois. He seemed to excel at testing automatic aircraft controls, and eventually was employed at a supervisory level. He had a few different positions with different companies. He decided to attend classes in the pursuit of a graduate degree at the Illinois Institute of technology in Chicago. This only lasted for two years when his finances forced him to drop out.

After he left his pursuit of a graduate degree, he came to the conclusion that an advanced degree was not necessary to be competent with inventions. He received a patent on June 16,1959 for a wire precision resistor. The resistor allowed for a specific amount of current to flow through for a specific purpose. The use was for televisions and radios.

His most famous invention, was a control unit for the pacemaker, which used electrical impulses to stimulate the heart and create a steady heartbeat.

Mr Boykin proved that the only setbacks that keep us from achieving our goals are in our minds!