having it all

Believing that you already have it all is a difficult concept for most people. Some people get confused by this. They think that by believing they have it all, it means they must go out and try to get everything they want all at once. But that is not the case. Believing you have it all is not quite that complicated.

It involves the person realizing that they possess everything they need to achieve the goals they have set for themselves. It can be seen in the person who is sweeping floors at night so they can attend classes in the morning. They go on with their daily business in a cheerful manner. Those around them are confused as to how someone with so little can be so confident.

The confidence is in the fact that the broom they push is only an instrument to get to where they really want to be. The dirty floors they clean present a job security necessary to support the efforts they are participating in to move forward with their lives. All the time they clean and scrub, they maintain their belief that they already possess what it will take to change their lives permanently.

I have seen this very scenario played out in real life. Not so long ago, there was a man at the local business complex who was sweeping floors. He spoke very little English when I first met him. But every day as I passed by he had a smile and a nod for me.He was making just slightly more than minimum wage at his job he told me one day. At night he attended English as Second Language classes at the area Community College.

Six months after I had that conversation with this man, he graduated from his class. I know that because one day when I entered the business park there was someone else pushing his broom. There was a new face cleaning the dirty floors as I passed by. I inquired about the other man. And I was told that he was now the boss. He had passed his class and applied for the job he was meant to do!

Once the belief becomes a real part of our daily lives, it will create within us a sense of gratitude. We will be thankful for everything we already have. That gratitude comes from a place of knowing that our future is firmly within our control.