There are all kinds of classes that you can take to become certified in any number of areas. Once you earn your certificate it is yours to show to the world( or at the very least your employer). But the certification you receive can only attest to your ability to perform a certain job or task. It does not speak to who you are and how you perform those duties you learned in order to become certified. For no two people will ever perform a job exactly the same way at the same time unless they are identical twins.

The question then is how do you distinguish yourself from all those with a similar certification? Do you need a certification for being different as well? Who would give you that certification?

The way to distinguish yourself from the rest lies in your ability to maintain a positive attitude. One that shows through when you enter a room. You can command attention just by being professional attired, neatly groomed and well spoken. These are things people notice immediately,and gravitate to. Speak of your achievements with confidence not arrogance and you will gain the admiration of many. Recognize those around you with verbal acknowledgement and they will remember your kindness. These things will certify you in ways that cannot be taught in any classroom!