If the thought of planning your day seems overwhelming, you are not alone. Most people operate through auto pilot. They do the same things they have done day after day,month after month and year after year. All the while they speak of the struggle they are having. With the mention of doing something that would take them out of their struggle, they put up a great resistance.

In order to take charge of where they are going, they would have to make a plan. Now it does not have to be that complicated. but it does require a time commitment. That is where the rub is. Taking the time to make a plan that will take them from where they are to where they want to go. It might mean staying up late at night or getting up earlier in the morning. By doing it this way they can get their plan done without disrupting their daily routine.

But how many people are willing to do this? Take a look around you during your day, and I guarantee you there will only be a handful at best. People who are willing to take action to change their situation do things over and above what is required of them. And when they do more they accept the challenge. They do not complain because they know that their future is at stake. It is all in their hands.

When they implement change it is done by laying everything down at their feet. Planning means that everything must be uncovered. The good,bad and yes the ugly. Everyone has some of each of these things in their lives. Once exposed they must be dealt with. This is where the planning begins. Because without full disclosure, it is impossible to make a plan that will work. It is not necessary to make the solution too complicated. Taking on one thing at a time might be the best way to begin.

Once the plan is put into motion it becomes like energy, it will only gain momentum. Before too long a future that seemed light years away will be at your doorstep. All because you planned ONE DAY!