It was a packed house last night at Sculler’s in Boston. As we were directed to our seats the anticipation of a great show was in the air. What was amazing about this experience is that the venue is very small. It makes for an extremely intimate setting. We enjoy our visits to Sculler’s because you get to know your table mates. Each table seats four people . By the end of the night we felts as though we had made new friends. Our seats were only 50 feet from the stage. And in that small distance we experienced a phenomenal performance.

As the announcer introduced Gerald Albright, I felt the significance of all we were about to here. He has sold over 1 million albums in the United States alone. His self produced music features him on a variety of instruments. Although he is primarily a saxophonist. His style is unique and up tempo. And he can bring it down too. He played for us a variety of songs both old and new.

He played his new track Slam Dunk and took us back to the seventies, with his rendition of an old Carpenter’s song. His ability to take a song and make it his own is what being a grammy nominated artist is all about. Graceful in performance and gracious to his audience made the show a great night out!

By the end of the show he had us all on our feet dancing and singing along to his music. He alluded to the fact that he was of the AARP era. But I would have to disagree. Mr Albright is still alright! At 58 he sounds fantastic! I for one am looking to hear more great music from this man!

If you have a chance check out his tour dates and try to attend one. You will not be disappointed! It will provide you with a romantic and fun evening.