Last week while I was grocery shopping I witnessed an amazing event. A woman was shopping with her two children. Her son was about six or seven and her daughter was eleven or twelve. As I was making my way through the store, I would encounter them in one aisle or another. The entire time she was shopping she had these two children right by her side. She was talking with them about what was on the grocery list and telling them her meal plans for the week. At one point, she left the carriage for a moment and left the children with the instructions to stay with the cart. Upon her return the two children were running all over the place. The little boy was skipping down an aisle and the girl was laughing and giggling as she enjoyed her forbidden freedom. When the mother returned an could not find either child, a momentary flash of panic filled her face and her eyes began to fill with tears. I felt her panic myself! Luckily, in the span of a nano second the girl came into her eyesight and she commanded the daughter to her side. She informed the girl that she was grounded for a week and when the child tried whining the mother informed her that she would increase the time that she would be grounded. With the girl under control she then turned her attention to her son. She caught a glimpse of him out of the corner of her eye as he went skipping down the next aisle. Once she caught up with him, she promptly placed him into the front of the cart despite his objections all the while telling him the perils he could have faced and would be facing once they got home.

I am proud of women like this!!!