Everyday millions of people all over the world spend a portion of their day having a cup of coffee. If this were not true then Starbucks , Dunkin Donuts and a host of other coffee shop owners would be in another business entirely. The beauty of coffee is that it can be transported with you everywhere. No one is offended if you are drinking coffee. You can sip it while you are having a conversation, or participating in your favorite hobby. There are even some supermarkets that have coffee shops in them for their customers.

Now just imagine what would happen if you took a fraction of the time you invest into having a cup of coffee, to follow up on one part of that idea you have been toying around with. You know the one you do not have time for. It has been coming up in conversation for quite a while now and every time it does you casually shrug it off.

Start treating that idea just as you would that cup of coffee. Make it something that your day cannot be complete without. Put two great things together and have your coffee while you are working on that idea. No one needs to know what you are doing until you are ready to share it with others.If they ask you what you are doing just say “I am making time for some coffee!”

Photo: Clipleader

Photo: Clipleader