It takes more than one strategy to get things done. Following one direction is the same as staying on a one way road without any exits. But the majority of people will do just that. They will find one thing that is within their comfort zone and stick with it. When they do not get their desired results, that is when they will give up.

Following your passion may mean that some degree of self development may have to take place. That is the part of the plan people do not figure into their strategy. They may have to develop skills that may include networking, public speaking, or even writing. While there are several avenues people can use to achieve these new skills without breaking the bank, most folks would just as soon call it a day on their dreams than to try something new.

Do not call it a day on your dreams. Stretch outside your comfort zone. If needed engage the assistance of others who may be of service to you! the only thing you really need to fear is not trying at all!