At some point in everyone’s life they get angry. Life will present you with circumstances you could have never foreseen. There will be people you have to work around in order to get things done. It is HOW you deal with your anger that counts.

1) Do:

Use your anger to make your point, and allow it to fuel your desire to complete a project on time.

Direct your anger towards the person,place or event that created it.

Once you have completed the two previous points: DROP IT AND LET IT GO!

Go for a workout at the gym or a long walk at lunch time. It will help to release that anger from you,while you enjoy the benefits of doing something positive for yourself!

2) Do Not:

Keep your anger going through gossip, doing so only proves that you are losing control over the situation, and your emotions.

Use profanity as a means of making a point, this always backfires and makes you look less professional than you are.

It may take some time to adopt some or all of these ways of dealing with anger. If you can only do one at a time that is a great start. Being angry actually takes a lot more energy than being happy or content. The medical ramifications of perpetuating your anger can be found in an elevated blood pressure and ulcers just to name a couple.

Give more service than is required and it will be returned to you tenfold!

Photo: 123RF