It seems as though no matter where we are in life, change is a part of it. Whether we are dealing with our own lives or those who are around us. Changes are fairly easy to implement when they are things we can do ourselves. The challenge comes in when we decide to seek the assistance of others. Opening the door to outside assistance means that we might not be in as much control of the change as we desire.

The other result here could be that things might move at either a faster or slower pace than we would like to see. Being catapulted toward something faster than you had plan can have disastrous results. If things progress too quickly you might not be able to keep up. That is unless, you DECIDE to be flexible enough to adapt. That is another component of implementing change. This is actually easy enough to do. Managing your time and resources accordingly is only a momentary inconvenience.

When change is held back by indecision or fear, it loses momentum and shape. You may experience a change but in a completely different way than what you had in mind. Of course in the process you can never lose sight of the fact that the only person you have control over is yourself. Remembering this will help you stay away from the people who will try to prevent your change. They are out there too. Those people who say things like ” Why do you want to do that?”. Or they might say “I think you should…”. These are all statements that are used to hold you back and keep you in the same place you have been in all your life.

Implementing change does not mean that you have to cut everybody loose. It may just mean that you have to MANAGE your relationships better. This may include holding some folks at arms length instead of allowing them into your inner circle. It could mean letting new people into your inner circle. And lastly having FAITH that you are making the right choice.

What does CHANGE look like for you?