On February 5,1884 a young black man named Willis Johnson patented an improved mechanical egg beater. The significance of this invention lies in the fact that the device was not intended for eggs alone. His invention also stood out from his predecessors because it was mechanical. It also did more than just beat eggs. It was a double acting machine with two chambers. Batter could be beaten in one section and eggs could be beaten in another. It also allowed for the cleaning of one section while the other section could continue beating.

Historians have often believed that Mr Johnson’s inspiration for the device came from his early days as a slave. You see during the 19th century elaborate cakes were quite in demand and as such it was often left to the slaves to bake and construct these desserts. This invention may have been made with making the kitchen slaves lives a little easier.

Just another day in the life of a young black inventor. Proof that being unique and different pays off! Allow what makes you unique to inspire your ideas into reality!