It seems as though there are plenty of people around these days talking about negativity. Every time I turn around someone is posting something about it on Facebook and Twitter. Most of the postings I read are written because of a dispute between people. An argument has taken place that has made the writer decide it is time to rid themselves of this person. This is the type of negativity that is easy to identify and eliminate.

The negativity that is harder to erase from our lives is that which is within ourselves. The thoughts that make us question our every move. The lack of action that results in stagnation instead of growth.For even in failure there is growth. There is something that can be learned from every experience. It is this negativity that I am talking about today.

I recently had a conversation with a young married woman who is trapped by her own negativity. She currently works two jobs. She works at a daycare during the morning hours while her kids are in school. Then occasionally in the evenings she picks up a few shifts as an administrative assistant at a local law firm. She spends most of her time discussing how difficult her financial situation is. But two weeks ago when I spoke with her, she was talking quite differently. She told me that she was going to meet with someone at a local University to discuss what her next professional move should be. She said that she was dreading this meeting. When I asked her why she felt that way, she said she did not know what she would do if she got her dream job.

Along with the fear that accompanies any big move this young woman was talking herself out of her dream opportunity. She said that she did not think she would have enough experience or the right credentials for her dream job. By the time our conversation was almost over she had decided not to see the career counselor. If she did not go to see the counselor, it would be her own negativity that caused this. As our conversation went on, it became apparent that she was talking herself out of having a dream job because she was too concerned with the changes that might have to take place in her life. In the end she decided to go and see the counselor.

She replaced her negativity with hope. This was something that she had to do for herself! What negativity can you eliminate from your daily life?