With the assistance of the internet, our ability to interact with people has never been easier. We can join all kinds of groups on a variety of sites.But without participating in those groups, what we can really achieve is limited at best.

Unless we begin to voice what it is we are looking for,it will end up being just another association to place on our resume. Making what we want to get out of an association is easier than you might think. It does not require any more than just commenting on something some one is writing about or merely putting a question out there yourself.

If you are afraid of placing a question out there yourself you can always integrate your needs into a comment on someone else’s post. You could also make suggestions based on your own personal expertise in any given area. It has been my experience that most people are waiting to ear what it is you have to say. But they are just like you. Too afraid or not willing to take the few minutes necessary to step up and make their needs known.

Make each of your associations COUNT for more than just taking up space! Reach out, connect and get what you need by interacting and sharing your thoughts. You may just receive more than you give!