If you are in the service industry then you are very familiar with people asking you for samples. It does not matter whether you are a writer, speaker or a cook. Before people are willing to engage your services for a paid event, they always want to read,hear or taste something you have created in order to make the final decision. That in of itself seems harmless enough.

The real problem comes in when we have to decide how much of a sample to give. Because it can go in two very different directions. If you give too much of a sample it could be too much for them to absorb all at once. On the other side of the coin, too little information can make people feel as though you were not interested enough to prepare adequately.

About a year and a half ago I began working with a new client. I connected with him on LinkedIn. He has a ground breaking sales approach for the Home Improvement industry. He happened to call me on a Sunday morning to discuss some ideas that I wanted to discuss with him.He was confused as to why he was having so much difficulty in getting new accounts. And by all appearances he was doing all of the right things. He was involved with his social media. He wrote a blog a couple of times a month and he was networking. He just could not figure out what could be holding him back.

During our conversation it came to light that he was spending a lot of time at trade shows. He said it seemed as though people were interested when they stopped by his booth. But when we would make the follow-up phone call their enthusiasm over his ideas had waned. He sent me a copy of what he was handing out. And when I received it I completely understood why he was not gaining new clients. He was giving these prospects too much information. They had no need to follow up with him.

I told him to make a small brochure to give to these prospects. I had no idea that he was heading to a trade show that very day. Later that afternoon he called me back to let me know that handing out a brochure had enabled him to get two new customers that same day.

By finding the right amount to give, his customers were left wanting to know more!