true wealth

Has always been the center of intellectual debate. Most people equate wealth in direct proportion to how much money they have. These are the people who try to get in as much overtime as possible in order to increase the size of their bank account. The problem with counting your wealth in this manner is that at any moment you could lose it all. Stocks can fall , houses can burn and automobiles can be destroyed in one single accident. Granted there are ways of recouping some of the losses. But it is an uphill battle without things that money cannot buy.

The wealthiest person on the planet is one who has strong family and friends. These are things that money cannot buy. When you are in possession of these things true wealth has been achieved. We should treasure these the most. Because through thick and thin they will always be with us. From the friend who holds your hand in the waiting room at the hospital to the relative who lets you cry on their shoulder. The most important moments of our lives have little to do with money and a lot to do with emotional bonding.

The most memorable of times I can remember involved family and friends. My wealth has always been counted in my EQ not my IQ. This is what has made me push myself the most. Watching my children grow into self-reliant young adults is a reward that has no monetary value. But it often has taken my breath away. I remember watching my daughter struggle with her speech as a toddler. She was so determined to overcome her issues that she would practice all by herself in her room for hours at a time. She would do it while she played with her Barbie dolls, and pretend that they were her friends.

As she grew older she would practice her dance moves, everywhere we would go. It made grocery shopping very interesting to say the least. She would pirouette and cart-wheel down the aisles at Market Basket much to the dismay of my fellow shoppers. But her determination made me want to do more for myself as well. I started reading books that interested me while I waited for her to get out of dancing lessons. And I began to think about what I would do once this young woman was grown up.

With my son, it was his music. I had no idea that he had as much talent as he does. That was until his music teacher educated me on what a talented young man he really is. That is when I knew I had to help him any way I could to fulfill his destiny. As a single mother that was not easy to do. But I was as determined as he was. And while he was in his private music lessons,I began writing. I would sit at my computer at the local coffee-house(ok it was Dunkin’ Donuts), and for one hour I would create something inspirational for my readers.