do not let this happen to you

Is exactly what some people will tell you when they see you trying to get ahead.They will tell you stories of all the perils involved when things do NOT go according to plan. These folks are not just trying to caution you. They are in fact out to sabotage you. By planting the seed of doubt in your mind, they are working on your innermost fears. You see we all have some fear. By listening to these doubters we are giving our fear some encouragement.

Sounds absurd doesn’t it? I mean who would want to do that right? But consider this.We all look to other people to get INSIGHT on what it takes to be successful. That is really how a lot of people have become millionaires. They tell us all how THEY became successful. And by listening to their success stories we are supposed to be inspired to reach for our dreams. They write books about what success is and how to achieve it.

The difference between those people and the doubters is that the latter never get very far. Their only goal in life is to make sure they have plenty of company. They do not want to be alone. In order to make sure they have company they create doubt wherever and whenever they can. Sometimes it can be hard to recognize these people. they often wear crafty disguises.

Some of them will try to pretend they are being your friend. In fact they will tell you that up front. They might say something like..” I do not want you to think this will happen to you, but…” It is what comes after the but that is meant to give light to your deepest fears. Before you know what is happening, you are thinking to yourself… “What if that happens to me?” Then it may change to..”When will this happen to me?” .. and finally ..”What will i do when this happens to me?”.

No matter what has happened to someone else, it has no reflection on your own journey. Let them wallow in the bottomless pit of self pity they have created for themselves.Do not listen to a word they say. Once you hear the opening… I hope this does not happen to you… Close your mind and your ears to whatever is coming next! Only then can you be assured that “This will never happen to you!”