Throughout mankind the question of faith is most apparent in those who doubt the existence of a higher power. People who require material proof that the writings so many others follow is actually based on fact and not some story fabricated from imagination.

For those who have and practice a faith based lifestyle, a number of differences occur throughout their lifetime. Their ability to recover from disappointment, sorrow and sickness are ten times higher than their counterparts. It is what distinguishes those who see hope from those whose only vision is everlasting despair.

It is proven by scientific fact that our mental attitude effects our physical condition through rising and lowering levels of certain hormones. When we live a life that is based on hope and not despair it increases our chances of survival both emotional and physical. Living in this way opens the door for abundance to enter into our existence. This abundance may be born in more solid relationships as well as material wealth.

Give more service than is required and you will receive tenfold in return!

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