little things1

How many times have we all heard that it is the little things in life that have the most meaning? Not all by themselves of course. It is when they are all placed together that their true significance can be seen. Those little things makeup the fabric of our daily lives. They can be anything from getting a cup of coffee to seeing the sunrise. All of them collectively make up our memories.

Some of my fondest memories surround the little things in life. They are the things I used to take for granted. That was until I was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2007. Until that time I went through my daily routine automatically. I knew where I was supposed to be, what time to be there and what time to make the meals. Even though I was able to really enjoy watching my kids grow, I was tired of the monotony that was my routine.

That visit from cancer made me realize how fortunate I was to have the life I had.From the moment I was diagnosed to the day after surgery, I remained relentlessly grateful for every LITTLE thing. To this day I make sure that I NEVER forget the importance of little things. One Christmas one of my sister in laws sent me a present. It was unusual since we did not normally exchange gifts. We did send each other cards though. When I opened the box and saw the contents I had tears in my eyes.

The gift was a picture of my daughter was two at the time sitting in her sand box. The picture had been taken on a windy day. A wisp of her hair was stretched across her forehead as she gazed into the camera lens. I kept that picture on my kitchen counter for the longest time. One little thing that by itself is meaningless. Yet stirred so many emotions of love and pride .

What are the little things in your life? How did they add up to contribute to the bigger picture?