mastering determination

The times that have taught me how to master my determination have all occurred under normal circumstances. I have never been on the side of a mountain trying to defy mother nature. I am for all accounts an ordinary person producing extraordinary results, and YOU CAN TOO!

Looking back on the past eight years, has taught me quite a bit about myself. My experiences include the time I went to the grocery store and discovered at the checkout that my bank account was empty.I will never forget it. I was newly single and had just returned from visiting friends in New Jersey. I had driven seven hours to a summertime weekend. The weather was fantastic all the way down. I chose to drive because it allowed me transportation when I reached my destination.

The entire time I was away I remained extremely frugal about what I was spending. This was of course in the days before the smartphone. I did not have time to check my balance before taking the kids to the store. I was so relaxed when we entered the store. i had a great time picking out a few things to buy. But my happiness was slammed shut when they told me I had insufficient funds to pay for the twenty five collars worth of groceries we had selected to purchase. I was embarrassed, nothing like this had ever happened to me before in my ENTIRE LIFE!

This was not to be the last time I was faced with financial hardship.Over the years with my on again off again child support I continuously found myself in a position of being dependent on someone else. Even though I am entitled to the money and it is court enforced, I had to determine a few things. Things that are easy to agree to in print but much more difficult to put into actual daily practice.To complicate the situation even further I had to make sure my children were being taken care of appropriately in the process, inexpensively!

The first thing I did was to keep working out. I belong to a gym where my membership costs less than a package of cigarettes per week. Five dollars a week is well within my meager budget to maintain my sanity. Whenever any type of stress occurred, I was AT THE GYM. I have a very close relationship with the treadmill and some of the free weights as well.Some of the people at the front desk would look at me curiously because I was usually there only in the early morning. If you cannot get to the gym or afford a membership, GO FOR A WALK!

Secondly, I stopped calling my ex when problems arose as a result of his behavior. I tackled these issues within my own home without including him in the conversation. I taught my children to focus on their behavior and make decisions about their father as objectively as possible. Don’t get me wrong there were plenty of nights filled with disappointment. He missed some performances, even though he was informed weeks in advance. New romances changed the rank of priority my kids were to their father. I spent a lot of time hugging and consoling them. When my girlfriend would tell me that I should call him and explain the error of his ways I declined and went to the gym.

Lastly, I began focusing on myself. I began thinking about what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.I started doing things to improve myself. Joining Toastmasters has improved my speaking skills and my self confidence. It has also opened many doors for opportunity I never even conceived of. With my focus squared solely on myself and my kids I have no where to go but upward!

I hope these tips will help you along your journey!! Be good to yourself so you can be great to others in your life. Do the IMPOSSIBLE to achieve results others strive to reach!!