How many times have we heard people say that attitude is everything? That in of itself is a great statement that most of us would agree with. But to a larger degree we all wonder sometimes how do we get to that point. The point where our attitude is a direct reflection of who we are on the inside?

I have used the following steps to assist me in becoming successful in my personal and professional life.

1) At the very beginning of everyday take a moment just to breathe and be grateful for the space you occupy.

2) As your day begins to take shape remember to clear your mind at intervals from all the clutter that others are trying to place there.

3) Remind yourself of what you really WANT to do! This will help you put all of your daily dealings into proper prospective.

4) Take one small step or a giant leap everyday in an attempt to get closer to your goal.

5) Find different activities that will assist you in maintaining a proper mental attitude. Join different clubs maybe.

6) Give everyone you come into contact with a smile and a hello! Everyone from the janitor at your workplace to the cafeteria worker! Everyone!

Try these 6 steps for a week and see how it will begin to transform your world!