I have decided to write my blog this month with the focus on all the different ways we can integrate an attitude of gratitude into our daily lives. I think that we are being rushed through the THANKSGIVING holiday. This holiday that is supposed to promote family and friends getting together. Yet, it is overshadowed by CHRISTMAS.

I was at the North Shore Mall recently to pick up a couple of things at Macy’s. With Halloween still a week or so away, I was to say the least surprised to see Christmas decorations all ready in place. There weren’t even any signs of the Thanksgiving holiday anywhere. As saddened as I was by the absence of any Thanksgiving decorations, I was thankful at the same time.

Thankful, that I have great family,friends and co-workers. These are the relationships that I foster all year long. That way when Thanksgiving comes along, I do not have any regrets. I can be truly thankful for all of the relationships that form the content of my life. For without them, my life would be incomplete.

Mostly I am thankful that I come from a time when THANKSGIVING was actually given the attention it deserves as a holiday. Back when all of the store decorated with Turkey’s and Cornucopias galore. The grocery stores had displays of unusually shaped gourds. My friends and I used to look at them and try to guess what they tasted like. Then we came to the conclusion that we never wanted to taste any of them at all!

My favorite memory of all time was the preparation that went into the actual day. And that all started the first day of November in my house. The phone began ringing off the hook with all of the people who were going to come over for the big day. We heard from all of our relatives both near and far. My father’s family in New Jersey, would call and exchange the latest recipes with my mother. She was not much of a cook! And she welcomed all of the help she could get! Another thing I was thankful for!!

What are you thankful for DAY1 ?